Employee Benefits

WCCS Inc. offers the following as part of its benefits package. Below is a summary of some of the benefits available to our full time employees:

Health Insurance:
Several medical insurance options are offered to our employees through California Choice. The company also contributes a set amount towards the employee’s medical insurance premium each month. This enrollment applies to you as an employee of WCCS, as well as your spouse and/or dependents. A variety of dental, vision and chiropractic insurance options are also available through Choice Builder. Enrollment in these benefits is voluntary.

Paid Time Off
Paid vacation is given to allow employees time away from work to pursue family or other personal interests without loss of pay. WCCS believes that periods of rest and relaxation are important, and therefore, employees are encouraged to take their earned vacation time every year. All full-time employees are entitled to vacation time after their anniversary date. WCCS also offers sick pay and recognizes six paid holidays.

401(k) Retirement Plan
After a period of time as a full-time employee of WCCS, and within open enrollment periods, you are eligible to enroll in the company-sponsored 401(k) retirement plan through John Hancock USA. The plan options are highly customizable and also flexible enough to meet your retirement planning needs.