Rollouts / Reimage

Taking a prototype concept and executing it at multiple location is one of our company strengths. Our construction team has successfully completed many rollout projects throughout California, Nevada and Arizona. From coffee and beverage fountain re-imaging, to a complete store Reimage, we have succeeded in taking a prototype and rolling it out among hundreds of sites in a cost effective manner.

strStarbucks Warming Program
WCCS installed new oven equipment for the launch of Starbuck’s new breakfast program at 102 sites. Scope of work included the remodeling of the front and back sales counters to include new tile walls, chair rail, ceiling, lighting and fixtures.
arBP ARCO AMPM Retrofit ProgramProgram designed to re-image both interior and exterior. Scope of work included floors, ceilings, walls, counters, exterior paint and fueling canopy. Each of the 175 projects was completed in a 3-week timeline.
jaJack in the Box Interior Re-Image ProgramUpgraded restrooms, kitchen/dining areas and POS stations at 29 restaurants. Work included interior and exterior modifications to meet current ADA regulations.
chChevron ExtraMile Convenience Store ConversionsRe-image existing Food Mart locations to Chevron Extra Mile design. Program consisted of implementing Chevron’s ExtraMile store standard offer to franchisees.  Scope of remodel work included interior and exterior graphics and design re-image elements.  New equipment/finishes included the removal and replacement of fountains, freezers, coffee islands, gondolas, and counters.
leRonald McDonald Charity House Canister ProgramContracted by Lend Lease, WCCS participated in the nationwide deployment of the new McDonald’s drive-thru donation box. A preliminary site survey was conducted and canisters were installed at qualifying locations. All installations were completed at night so as NOT to interfere with drive-thru operations. 339 canisters were installed in two months.